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Praise the Lord!
Quote for the Day
“ Never judge anyone because you never know what kind of battle they are fighting. “ *** THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK : " BE THE CHANGE THAT YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD " ***

Art & Culture

We would like our students to shine not only in the academic/sports  but outshine everyone in the field of performing arts as well, and for this purpose we have opened a Music Club and installed all types of musical instruments. Training is imparted in Guitar, Veena, Violin, Flutes, Keyboards, tabelas, drums and  miruthangams.  In addition, students are trained in Bharatha natiyam, Folk Dance and in yoga.

To recognize the artistic talents in our little children and to tap and train them to perfection, we have engaged the services of a highly qualified team of experts in their respective fields in imparting quality training to our students.

Message from the Founder, Correspondent and
Senior Principal

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Crowning Glories

As a consequence receiver, you will only be a history reader. As a choice maker you will become a history maker. Know more

Amal Vision’s Educational Program

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