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Smart Class

Smart class project is the emerging revolution in the history of School education and has been developed to educate the students through animated computer software which helps the students in easy understanding of the concepts. The said Smart Class project has been developed by the school in 2 different phases.

Smart class systems are installed in all the classrooms, where the teacher explains the concepts using  computer systems. The entire classrooms starting from LKG to std. XII is  fully  converted into Smart Classes. The education contents have been developed as movies and the animated movie contents have been  mapped with the syllabus of the students so that students are able to understand the syllabus better than  teaching  by using  chalk and the board alone.   Normally,  teachers use  Visual Aids like charts, flash cards for explaining  concepts to the students.  But now,  the said  concept is  explained to the students  in the  form of a video. The software contents are available for all  subjects   and  the  licensed contents are provided by Edusmart Service (P) ltd. The teachers are trained to handle the softwares and in-house software engineers are also available within the school campus for assisting the teachers in content searching and  developments.

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